About the brand:

Orbe was born with a vision to solve problems for customers. To offer them better experiences by creating new or improving existing products. Orbe is not a ‘me too’ brand.

In 2018 we noticed the impressive growth in the market of eyelash extensions. Curiosity driven, we conducted a customer study to identify market gaps in functional packaging of such products. ORBE is making functional improvements to eyelash extension packaging which will improve the customer experience; how they use the products. Innovation and customer orientation will also set Orbe apart from competition while offering customers the convenience they need.

Customer orientation and research and being data-driven is in Orbe’s DNA. Orbe achieves this by conducting customer research and uses the insights to develop better products tailored to customer needs.

Orbe is starting with professional eyelash extensions for beauty salons and individual eyelash professionals. No matter what product Orbe will supply in the future, beyond  the current, it will remain committed to customer research based product improvements and offering customers with a high quality product and experience.

The name ‘Orbe’

We are different and so should our name be. That’s what we started off with. Unlike those average names, Orbe is more modern, unique and different. And we are not confined to selling eyelashes in the future so we also took out the conventional use of ‘lash’ phrase in our name. After months and months of brain storming and iterations we decided Orbe, we loved it and we owned it. We registered our trademark in the UK and Ireland.