Founding team:

Orbe was founded in 2018 by a team of beauty experts and engineers who are passionate about quality, and simplifying complexity for customers.

About the brand:

Orbe is a UK based premium and innovative brand of professional eyelash extensions. The brand’s mission is to simplify the process and experience of eyelash artists. Orbe is not a ‘me too’ brand. Instead, it has created innovative and patent-pending eyelash extensions that are second to none.

In 2018, Orbe conducted a customer study with hundreds of lash artists across the UK. To understand pain points and features they would like in eyelash extensions. Orbe used the findings of this research to create high-quality, user-friendly and innovative eyelash extensions that improve the process and experience for eyelash artists from buying to applying lashes. (To learn more more about our USP please read our product descriptions.)

Orbe is starting with professional eyelash extensions for beauty salons and individual eyelash professionals. No matter what product Orbe will supply in the future, beyond  the current, it will remain committed to customer research based product improvements and offering customers with a high quality product and experience.

The name ‘Orbe’

The name ‘Orbe’ is deliberately different to other (more clichéd) product names in the sector. Orbe is more modern, unique and different, and broad enough to support other future products. Orbe originates from the word Orb which refers to a sphere, strong tonality with “e” adds a touch of panache. It is pronounced as orb.