Salon Spooks

pink coloured pumpkins

The spooky season is in full swing and if, like us, you’re a little late to the party here are some last minute ideas to embrace Halloween. So, whether you’re celebrating at home or in your salon, we have everything from autumnal decorations to lash looks to get you started.

If you want to welcome Halloween to your home or salon, we have some helpful tips.

Deadly Decorations

1: Pick a theme!

Just like your clients picking the perfect lash look, pick a Halloween theme that aligns with your salon style. If you love creating dramatic, full looks go for gold-topped pumpkins, glittery leaves and metallic skulls. This can create a glamorous Halloween feel for customers to enjoy. However, if you prefer a paired-back approach, stick with a colour scheme or monochromatic shades. You can use a wreath to attach miniature pumpkins to, with fairy lights to create a gentle Halloween aesthetic.

Mini Pumpkin Decor
Gold topped Pumpkins with Glittery leaves

2: Choose your story!

Like any great Halloween film, a storyline is an important part of enticing customers into your store, or welcoming them to your home. Obviously, this story won’t include jump-scares as lash application and sudden movements don’t mix. You can create an interesting storyline by playing on Halloween themes. You could pick a fairy-tale gone-wrong storyline and decorate skulls with crowns or wings. If that isn’t your style how about you have signs in your shop window signalling ‘wrong turn’ or ‘abandoned’. You could even play on stories like Batman or Edward Scissor-Hands and use your work tools to create a story that runs throughout the salon.

Metallic Skulls, Skull with Crown
Pumpkin with mask

3. Create a window display!

Window Display

Windows are the eye to the soul, or in this case the salon. An interesting window display is a great way to contribute to your community’s festive spirit and encourage customers to enquire. If you have a low budget, try collecting dry leaves from your garden and spraying them with hairspray. This keeps the leaves fresh and will enable you to glue them together to create a border for the shop window. You could also paint pumpkins and fix them to your window and door borders. You can create a theatrical entrance to your home or salon resulting in your foot fall rising this fall!

4. Spooky shelves!

Like the windows, your shelves are a great way to create eye-catching displays. If you are looking to incorporate your products in the shelf display, why not try putting eyelashes on a pumpkin or glueing two eyelash fans into a bat shape and have them dangle from the shelves. This allows customers to appreciate your creativity and products at the same time.

Pumpkins with lash extensions
Pink coloured Pumpkins

5. Selfie station!

Everyone wants the perfect Halloween selfie, but there are few options on a night out. Solve this problem for your clients by creating a selfie station. You just need to put some decorations around a blank wall or hang a glitter curtain to show off their eyelashes and Halloween looks. This can be done at home or at the salon. By creating a selfie station, you can also  create some seasonal content for your social media pages and catch the eyes of future customers!

The next best way to embrace Halloween at your salon is with tailored beauty looks, here are some ideas of how to get started!

1. Clowning around!

Whether your client’s love IT, or are the Joker in their friend group, put some amusement into their salon looks. You can create a simple clown look by using Volume fans, with black and red eyeliner. This look is simple, effective and can draw attention to your customers’ new lashes!

Clowning around

2. Trick or Treat!

Trick or Treat

If you or your clients are spending halloween at work, opt for a fun look to great customers and trick or treaters. Playing on the phrase trick or treat, you can use wording and colourful eyeshadow to draw attention to your/your client’s incredible eyelashes. Perfect for welcoming customers to the salon, or for your customer’s to wear to a Halloween party

3. Spidey-senses

If you have clients that love Marvel, or just spiders in general, try this easy but effective look. This look will work best with Readymade fans, as the fans can help create the illusion of spider’s legs. Pair this with some black eyeliner and eyeshadow-shading for a creepy Halloween look. Don’t forget to upload pictures to the web!


Share on Instagram your salon and client looks you designed and tag #HalloweenwithOrbe. We will send a worthwhile present to winners! Details in instagram post. Lastly, we hope whatever you choose, you have a fun Halloween!