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First of all you’ll have to break down the problem a little bit more. Are all your customers experiencing this, or only new ones ?

  • If it’s all or most of your clients then it may be worth assessing the quality of your eyelashes and discussing with your supplier. Specialist eyelash extension suppliers use advanced techniques to ensure a longer lasting curl. They have experience to know the best recipe including heat and time for baking the curl etc.
  • If only few of your clients are complaining about it and especially those who are new to extensions, then it could be that they are not fully aware of after care best practices. As a lash artist, you can make your customer aware of best practices to follow after they have had their treatment. The following list is not exhaustive, but some general things to let you customers know are as below.
    • Avoid any direct water, moisture or steam for first 48 hours, as this can interfere with the new bonds and decrease the efficiency of the adhesive
    • Avoid any oil based cleansers as this breaks down the lash adhesive
    • Avoid meddling with the curl
    • Brush your extensions with a dry mascara wand every morning (at least once a day) to keep them in order and looking neat and tidy.

You can have a list printed and give it to those clients so you always provide consistent advise.

There are many factors to consider when deciding whether to give pregnant women eyelash extensions. There are many speculations as to whether this is right or wrong but we have listed below some of the concerns/points to consider when making this decision.

  1. The patch test — As you are probably aware, your allergies can change during pregnancy therefore as soon as you hear that a client of yours is expecting it is crucial to conduct a patch test to avoid any unnecessary reactions as the medicine which women can receive when carrying a child is limited. If you are taking on a new client who happens to be pregnant and has never had extensions in the past, it is a good idea to suggest postponing lash application until after childbirth as they do not know how they will react normally, let alone when they are pregnant.
  2. The process — When having lashes applied you have to lay on you back for up to 2 hours which can be extremely uncomfortable for a pregnant lady. Therefore your client should consider this before committing to an appointment. The smell of the glue can also be quite intense to try to ensure that there is good ventilation throughout the room as your sense of smell can be extremely heightened when carrying a child. If your client can’t handle the smell of the glue from the patch test, maybe suggest coming back after giving birth.
  3. Ingredients of Eyelash adhesive —  the last thing to consider is the eyelash adhesive. As all glues do, eyelash adhesive contains chemicals which may be dangerous to pregnant women and unborn children. Whilst there is no medical evidence as to whether pregnant women should be exposed to the chemicals in lash adhesive or not, ensure that the mum has all of the details involved and is kept up to date and informed so that she knows exactly what she and her unborn baby is being exposed to. Please ensure, the mum has received medical advise and her doctor is happy with the ingredients of the adhesive

At Orbe, we aim to dispatch every order the next working day to ensure you receive your products swiftly. If we received your cancellation request before we have dispatched your order, then it’s straight forward. We can make changes to it. However, if we have already dispatched your order, then you will have to place a separate order and return the unwanted items when you receive them. Either way, we will ensure you’re satisfied.


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